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Sephora Beauty Insider Sale!


Hello Hello My Beauty Friends,

I know it’s very last minute but I want to post this before the VIB sale that is going to happen tomorrow November 11-14. I just want to share with you some beauty must-haves that is on my wish list I have been eyeing to put in my shopping cart. As we all beauty junkie know, Sephora only have these kind of sales twice a year and it’s the best time to take the opportunity to splurge on any expensive product that you have been wanting all year long. And as you can see, I am taking going crazy by taking advantage of this sale.

I would like to say that I am quite excited but also stress because I will be able to get a discount on these expensive beauty products but it will still cause a dent in my pocket. But anyways, there are quite a few products that I have been wanting for a long time while some products are those that I had just discovered or heard great review about it. So without further ado, I will get right into my wish list must-haves.


Wish List



As you can see, I have plenty in my “Loves” cart. But we all know we can’t get all of the things we wanted so I had to think really hard about what I want and not do too much impulse buy. Ok, now onto what is actually in my cart.



As you can see, I do have quite a few products in my cart. I am trying not to go over board but it is so tempting. But in the end, I am very excited to try some of the product that’s in my cart because I have never tried or even test it. The products I know for sure I’m going to get is the Bobbi Brown collection set and the Guerlain powder and BB cream because those products are so expensive.

I can’t wait until tomorrow. What about you? What are you going to get? Share with me what you would recommend.



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