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Trending: Beauty Oils

Hello Hello,

It has truly been a while since I last wrote about beauty. The reason being is because I haven’t been trying any new makeup and in general, I have been wearing very minimal makeup. I choose to not wear makeup because I want my skin to be free of any chemical. I know what you might think. It is true chemical is everywhere, from our food to our personal hygiene products. But what I meant is, I am letting my skin breathe by wearing sunblock and moisturizer to see if my hormonal acne will calm down a bit. So basically, I was experimenting for the past few months.


Anyways, moving onto beauty oils. Plant oils that have been used for beauty purposes is becoming more and more popular. Many makeup brands are coming out with so many variety of beauty oils that range from hydrating the skin to wrinkle treatment products and the list goes on.

Here is a list of the more popular oils that many brands are incorporating into their skincare line. I do want to point out that some products don’t state the type of oil being use because it is most likely more than one oil combine. Other then that, the label will specifically have the type of oil being sold.


Before I continue on talking about beauty oils, the most important thing to know is your skin type. My skin is very problematic. I consider my skin to be combination to oily. But it can be very dry right after I wash my face. This dryness I’m talking about is when the skin tighten up after cleansing. On more severe cases, my skin will start flaking/peeling. Other than that, my skin is usually oily throughout my face but now days it is mostly oily in the T-zone area.

It was about two or three years back that I started using Argan oil because my skin started drying out very badly. (side note: ever since I hit puberty, I had always had very oily skin. I am basically an oil ball if you see me then. But I was only a teen who had no idea how to care about her skin and no one to give me skincare advice. My mom definitely was not one of those helpful mom who gave beauty/skincare tips to their daughter.) That was when I got sent a sample of Josie Maran Argan oil. I fell in love with it. It helped my dry face and I felt like it even control my oily skin a bit.


At that time, the beauty oil was not as popular even though it was out there in the beauty market. I used the oil for about half to one year before I stopped. There was no specific reason why I stopped using it, but I felt that my skin wasn’t dry enough for the continue usage. I slowly stopped and tried other products.

But recently, the online beauty trend has been talking about oils. I have to say that I got quite a few sample size beauty oils that are included in those value pack. As you can see from my pictures, they are so small because they are all sample size oils. I only bought two of those oils so far, which are in regular/full size bottles. (side note: full size beauty oils are quite expensive. I recommend buying them at discount stores if you can find them. Because, well known brands for examples that are sold at can be quite pricy for just 1 fl. oz bottle.)


All of the oils that I have can be use on the face, neck and body.

Therefore, I am testing out some of these body oils to see their effectiveness on the skin. The oils I collected claim to do many things but I don’t know if they live up to the hype.

Since this is just a “Trend Alert” on beauty oils, I will post individual review of these oils later so it won’t be so long. I was thinking about putting it all in one blog post but realize that if I were to talk about each one then it will take way too long.

I know it is not super informational like how a scientist will explain to you but these oils must be helpful to the skin to get all this attention. Just from my experience it really does help for those with dry skin. Instead of using it on my face, I am trying to use it on my hands most importantly now because I want to get that soft and moisturized hand.

Have you tried any of these plant oils for your body? Let me know.



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