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Outdoor Adventure

Hello Lovlies,

It has been a while since my last post but it’s because I haven’t been doing anything fun beside testing out some recipes from the internet so I wasn’t able to update much. But I am definitely trying hard to keep up with my goals of trying to be more adventurous and fun. This past weekend was my birthday so I was able to go out to the Bay Area and did some hiking.

I was able to travel to the coast of California at Big Basin Redwood Park. I have to tell you that this place is just as beautiful as Yosemite National Park. I am so surprised myself why I never venture out to this place before. Of course it is about 3 hours away west from where I live and Yosemite is only about an hour away east. But I have to say that next time I’m definitely going there again to do a hiking trail that takes you all the way to the beach. I was able to do that hike because I got there too late. But otherwise, the drive there is beautiful and Castle Rock Park was also just as beautiful.

If you are ever in Northern California like the Bay Area then check it out. There is Yosemite too of course, and Redwood National Park all the way up near the boarder of California. For sure my next big trip would be to go visit Redwood National Park. Side note: I love Southern California but I have to say that the terrain in Northern California is more green and beautiful then the more dry and dessert-like So-Cal.

This is the beautiful mountain view of Castle Rock State Park. I just have to say that the picture does not do justice to the beauty. You have to see this place in person to really experience the beauty of this nature.


I hope you enjoy this little outdoor adventure as much as I do.

With Love,




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