Happy New Year!

Hello Hello Lovelies,

I’m so horrible at updating but I promise I will try harder this year to be more fun and share my adventures with you all. I had recently graduated this December (thank goodness) and is in the process of finding a job so I won’t have to live with my parents, since I had move back from SoCal to the Central Valley. I am definitely planning some trip this year and hope that it goes through so fingers cross.

I especially love November and December, because being away for college had left me distant from my friends and the only time i really get to spend quality time with them is during the holidays. And I love partying because I get to dress up and look good with my friends and family so I always look forward to it every year.So to start off the year I just wanted to showcase some fun things I did over the holidays.

The first thing I look forward to is the quality time I get to spend with my friends. Mainly because I hardly get to be around them. And the second best thing I look forward to is Hmong New Year celebration that happens every year starting in November and ending on January 1st. This Hmong New Year is the biggest in Fresno, CA. With the Hmong New Year, it also includes many concerts of Hmong artist from many parts of the States and sometimes even well-known Hmong singers from Asia. Combining the Hmong New Year celebration with seeing my friends mean we get to dress up and go to the New Year and then go to the after party. Being a girl, that is the best part of being alive and the definition of happiness for me. Nothing can beat spending quality times with friends and family and celebrating my heritage.

I hope you all have just as much fun as I did over the holidays!



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