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Tarte Park Ave Princess and Poppy Picnic Palette Review


Today I am back to show some love on our beauty product Tarte. I have two palette from this brand that I absolutely love. As stated, I have the Poppy Picnic and Park Ave Princess palette. Let me go ahead and talk about the Park Ave Princess palette first, since it is my first Tarte product that I purchased from this brand.

As always, I like to tell my story of why I would buy a certain beauty product. This happen last year when I made an order on and received some samples. One of the sample was a paper thin Tarte Park Ave Princess bronzer. When I did finally decide to try this sample, I was surprise at how much I liked this bronzer. After finishing the small amount of sample I was given, I wanted to buy the full size. But as we all know, we can’t really finish a full size product unless we use it rigorously. I debated for a while until I saw the release of this Park Ave Bronzer palette. So I decided to order it during the holiday sales. I’m glad I did because its such a good price to get the bronzer I want and try out their blush and highlighter.

Ok, now on to the review. I would like to say, I like using the bronzer and blush but for the highlighter I hardly even use it. As you can see from the swatch, the highlighter is a nice sheen but it is very light. I have light to medium skin tone and it barely show on my face so I just don’t wear it at all. I do have to say that all three of these product does require you to put quite an amount of product on if you want the product to show. So if you have darker skin tone I wouldn’t recommend this product. But those who are fair and light to medium will do fine with this palette.

Next we have the Poppy Picnic palette which came out this spring 2015. As a beauty junkie, you would know if you are one, that you just love going to Sephora and trying on products or swatching them. I am one of those. And you won’t give up on any sale from Sephora especially if you are a beauty insider. So during the spring, Sephora had their 15% discount going on for beauty insider( screaming in excitement). I am not one to give up on any discount especially when it’s from sephora and you only get the discount two times a year. I didn’t really have any makeup that I wanted at the time but I knew I had to buy something to use my discount. So while I window shop and swatch any makeup that interest me, I saw the Poppy Picnic. Tarte had another palette out at the same time but i wasn’t interested in that one as much. What really caught my attention was the blush. The blush in the Poppy Picnic is called Glisten, a golden peachy pink, with very fine gold shimmer. After I swatch the blush I told myself that I have to get this palette because there is no other blush I had seen so beautiful. The eyeshadows are warm neutrals which is perfect for me since I’m not one to experiments with color much. (side note: I did when I first started getting more active in putting on makeup and knowing about the beauty world. But I think that didn’t go very well so I am laying low from colors.) As you can see from the picture, the top two shadow are very light.

  • Summer Breeze- cream shade
  • Bare Foot in the Grass- nude (but I have to say that there is a pinkish tone to it)
  • Sweet Tea- tan shadow
  • Peach Poppy- peach shadow
  • Ice cream Cone- chocolate shadow
  • Picnic Basket- brown shadow
  • Glisten -golden peachy pink, (with very fine gold shimmer)

I have to tell you that Sweet Tea is my favorite shadow out of this palette and even out of all the other shadows I owned. I was so crazy for this shade it made me want to try all of Tarte’s eyeshadow, especially the Tartelette which is an all matte eyeshadow.


Overall, I love both palette. I think if you like natural makeup and want everything to be travel friendly then I definitely think it’s a must have in your makeup bag.

Now onto the makeup I created using the two palette.

Eyes: use sweet tea, picnic basket, and ice cream cone

Cheeks: park ave princess to contour

Lips: YSL Rouge Couture #52 (from my previous post)

Do you like the fresh makeup look I created? Leave me a comment below if you like it.

P.S. I bought a bunch of dark lippies so very soon I will be reviewing some lipsticks and doing small makeup tutorial for fall.


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