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OOTD(Outfit of the day)

Today was a beautiful day so I decided to wear something that matches the weather and the season. The main piece of clothing in here is the high waisted skirt with small flower print.


The outfit on the left include the main piece(high waisted skirt) with a black tank and loose white cardigan. Added with a coral bag to make the outfit pop.
The outfit on the right is on my sister who was going to her middle school award night. So she wore a high waisted skirt with a nice blouse with a gem neckline to make the outfit appear more classy. She wore a white flora wedge with a flower crown.


To continue with the classy look but give it a more fun twist to it, I added the flower crown with a mermaid braid. Next is the makeup. To make the makeup look natural and clean, I just tight line her eyes and give her a small wing with brown tone eyeshadows. For the lips, I went for the gradient look with a fuschia lipstick and conceal the outer lips. That is basically the look. Nothing else beside some light foundation powder.

The award night turned out great because she look stunning and cute.


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